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Founder, Charles Alberici

As a former Marine who has trained Marines, avid weightlifter, runner, swimmer, biker, student, trainer and nutritional researcher, I saw what main stream companies were putting in these so called “recovery/protein shakes.” Their recovery products have fake or ridiculous amounts of regular sugar, cheap whey, milk-derived proteins, stimulants and who knows what else in them. When I realized this, I decided to do something about it. I formulated “Basic Trainein!” An all natural and Organic recovery formula that uses a triple-peptide blend of Naturally grown Hemp seed protein (Organic when available) rBGH free/grass fed Whey protein concentrate, Organic  Brown Rice  protein. PLUS, targeted vitamins, minerals, good fats, amino acids and enzymes to give the body everything it needs to heal and recover from your training, your lifestyle and help you with your diet and much more. Because it’s all natural and organic, this is a product you can take without worrying about what the long term affects of supplementation will be on your body. This product is a mixture of Natural, Organic, and non-GMO ingredients so you are getting the best of both worlds with no compromise.  

How I formulated “Basic Trainein”

I took a combination of 3 years of research and found the best ingredients at affective levels to produce what is the best recovery product on the market. So, “Basic Trainein” contains a 50% hemp protein makeup, along with 30% rBGH free grass fed Whey and 20% Organic Brown rice protein. If that wasn’t enough, while your body is processing those proteins “Basic Trainein” delivers immediately 10.5 grams of the most important B.C.A.A’s “Branch Chain Amino Acids” which are involved in rebuilding muscle tissue. “Basic Trainein” has elements like vitamin C, Co-Q-10,  D-Ribose, Chromium and targeted B vitamins. “That’s just to name a few!” Most of these nutrients are not found in other mainstream recovery products because the truth is, those Corporations are too cheap and only care about the bottom line.    See more about “Basic Trainein”‘s ingredients.

Not Just a Great Muscle-Enhancing Protein.

I know firsthand how expensive training can get. That’s why I think a great aspect of “Basic Trainein” is that it is also a deal! It takes the place of several vitamins and minerals you would have to buy separately. So, you no longer have to pop a ton of pills after your workout or when you get up in the morning. Just have a healthy AMNutrition shake. You could easily spend over $100 dollars a month buying everything that is contained in just one bottle of “Basic Trainein.” Do the research and contact me if you find something that is better than my product.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Health for Your Body.

Too many mainstream health companies don’t care about your health, AMNUTRITION does! I take this product everyday. I would never ask someone to do something I would not do myself. While taking this product I have never failed a drug test!!!! That seems to be a concern with some consumers. With every batch of AMNUTRITION’s “Basic Trainein” I will take a drug test to prove that there is no risk “at all” from eating a Hemp based protein. The all natural and Organic compounds in this product are extremely important to me and make this product one of the only totally complete, post-workout super meals in a bottle on the market. In “Basic Trainein,” viable amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids replenish cardiac cells and the various muscle cells necessary to avoid over-training and mitochondrial fatigue. Protein, vitamins, fats, minerals and amino acids are what I call the five dimensions of nutrition that should be in every product. The key to this is having potent amounts of all five of these elements combined with the ability to aid in absorption.

Being a plant based formula “Basic Trainein” gives our bodies nutrition it does not normally get with other products, which is critical for bodybuilder’s, runner’s and biker’s intensive training workouts or anyone training to reach their goals. Nothing is better for dieters because after drinking a shake of “basic Trainein” you feel satisfied and you know you are getting everything you need to continue your day.

I truly believe that you don’t have to sacrifice your health for your body. That’s the philosophy behind “Basic Trainein.” Whether you are in the gym, on the track, working hard or in need of a healthy low carb snack, “Basic Trainein” puts the “health” back into the phrase “health shake!” Learn more about the health benefits of “Basic Trainein”.

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