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Cure for Cancer?

I came across a great movie that is free right now on youtube. It looks into Anti-neoplastones. In sort, and being very simplistic, these are peptides that are found in our bodies that are able to turn on and off genes. Specifically, the Oncogenes and Tumor suppressor genes that have to do with cancer regulation in our bodies. Each one of us has had cancer eight times in our lives. Most of us never get sick with cancer because our immune systems are able to take care of the situation. Whether that fact has to do with Anti-neoplastones in our body is still up to each of us given the situation concerning the F.D.A. and Dr. Burzynski. Another Dr. to look at is Dr. Max Gerson. He also had a procedure using an organic eating regiment that was shown to cure many deadly infections and diseases. What does this mean? To me it means that donating money to the cancer research is useless. I realize this will upset many people but, it seems to me that getting money through donation is really a business for many of the associations that claim to “search for a cure!” Because a cure or a different form of treatment will cost jobs and big pharma billions of dollars with their treatments being unused and the shift in donations toward other sources. I forgot to mention that this Anti-neoplastone therapy is non toxic, painless and has no adverse side affects. Please go to Youtube and type in Dr. Burzynski Cancer cure and view it for free. Your comments on this are welcome…. Have a healthy day.

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