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Before I continue I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments on my blog. It drives me to continue with my studies and put more work into my business. It is not easy to work full-time, go to school and try to help change minds about our nutrition but, your comments fuel me to continue. Thank you!

I wanted to start today with a woman I met the other day at my booth at the WPIX health and wellness fair. She was very pleasant but, troubled. We got into a small conversation about issues she had and how it affected her self image and how that is affecting her health. I don’t want to get into details because i respect our conversation but, it made me want to write this…..

We are all human. We all feel and we all share the same range of emotions. We all endure tragic times and heartache as well as good times. We go on to the best of our abilities and with some, it is easier to endure than others. At any point in our lives, no matter what we are going through we deserve to live a good life. Taking supplements and eating right is not reserved for the rich and well to do. It is reserved for all of us, every single one. In some cases, our depression could come from our foods. A lack of the essential amino acids or fats could contribute to a low outlook on life. this is not always the case but, learning and living a healthy life-style will only help you. We have to accept what we have been given in this life. We are wonderful biochemical machines, capable of unbelievable acts of compassion and strength. So, what am I trying to say? For those who are like that woman I spoke with who are down about themselves and desire change in their lives I want to say this. You are worth it! You deserve to live your life healthy and you are capable of being the person you want to be. You can do anything and make any change you want to make. There are so many people that want to help you and those are the people you want to seek out. You deserve a great life on this earth and you alone have the power to make that happen. Use that power to make a change today! Start eating right. Make a schedule to exercise and take control of your life. You are the instrument of change. You can do it and I hope this helps.

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Hepatitis C and protein supplements.

Hepatitis C is potentially deadly and there is “supposedly” no known cure for this viral infection but, there is hope. Depending on your immune system and Doctor, it has also been found that with a plant based diet, the virus can indeed be cleared from the body. There have been cases where the body’s own immune system clears the individual of the infection. Hepatitis C is an infection of the liver that causes inflammation that destroys the tissue of the liver and in some cases can also affect the brain and cause encephalopathy. So, should people suffering from Hep C not work out and not drink protein shakes? Depending on the stage and severity of the disease, most should continue to take protein supplements. Yes, there is a catch! You should avoid proteins that are derived from Animals. The saturated fats and difficulty in digestion can cause more inflammation and damage your liver further. Also, the fake sugars and artificial flavors can put more pressure on your liver. Iron and sodium are two other major No No’s associated with this condition. Red meats are loaded with iron and sodium and if you have to have it, try to eat organic meats and limit the intake to once a week.  A diet that is very low in animal meat especially red meats is best for this condition. So, where do I get my protein and what are my choices? With the amount of supplements on the market, all animal based proteins should be avoided. Stick to the plant proteins. Make sure that you read the label and keep your protein intake to .8 grams to every body pound. You can still be active and live a healthy life. Be sure to research as much as you can on your condition and see a variety of doctors and most importantly after getting the diagnosis, see a good clinical nutritionist and learn how to eat for your condition. Having Hep C is not the end of the world. It should be a wake up call for those who have it to get educated and take control of their issue and diet so they can live long, healthy lives.

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