Fit You on FTNS

Hello all! Thank you for reading my blog and showing support for the best recovery product on the market, AMNutrition’s “Basic Trainein!” On November I will be on the “Fit You” show from 10am to 11am. is a great internet station that gives us real information on our food concerns today. If you like reading my blog, you will enjoy the content of this radio station as well. On the show Hosts Kelly, John and I will be covering vitamin and mineral basics as well as training and diet. I hope you listen and give me your feed back. Thanks again everyone!!

Is anything healthy these days?

We read labels. We take time every day to train, go to the gym and eat right. We meditate and try to live life with the least amount of stress possible. We do all of these things and still, we get sick. Why?

The first issue we need to understand is that “here in America” we are lead to believe that the food we are eating is good. 1. That milk is good for us. 2. That the fruits and vegetables we eat are fresh. 3. That the water from bottles is pure. 4.That the fake sugars on the market are safe. 5.That the meat you get from the butcher is top quality. These are just a few items of misinformation that we will look into tonight. In posts to follow, I will elaborate further on these issues. Having said that, let’s begin with item 1.

1. Is milk good for us? In its present form, NO!!

Milk is physiologically formulated by the cow to feed the growth requirements of an organism that will grow to be over 1,ooo lbs/454 kg “which is another cow!”. We as humans should not get anywhere near that weight. Milk does nothing for calcium intake because of its inflammatory activation in our bodies. Milk has been shown to elevate allergic responses in humans and cause digestive issues as well. Milk has a high content of proteins that the body cannot utilize and raises Homocystine levels in our bodies, that causes arteriosclerosis. They feed the cows a corn based diet. Cows are supposed to eat grass not feed. Like we are supposed to eat good organic food not GMO or processed foods. Milk contains rBGH and the antibiotics given to the cows during milk production. It goes like this. “They” give the cows growth hormone, in response the cows utter produces more milk. The utter is not designed to produce that much milk so, it gets infected. “They” give the cows antibiotics to cure the infection and all of this ends up in our milk, that we drink and give to our children. Milk is most beneficial when the cows are grass fed, not given rBGH and antibiotics. The last injustice is homogenization. When you homogenize milk you kill all of the enzymes that help us and the cows breakdown and digest the milk. If you like milk please seek out raw non-homogenized Milk from a grass fed source.

2. Are the fruits and vegetable we eat fresh? Unless you have a farm, the answer is no.

Please understand while hearing your food is coming from south America and that conjuring thoughts of tropical breezes and fancy alcoholic drinks our food is being punished. It is being picked early, shipped in intense heat across thousands of miles by growers we know nothing about. Like the big banks, food industry can hide the way they tell these countries to grow our food. Leaving the door open to things I don’t want to imagine. Even if the were doing everything right, that food isn’t ready to be harvested and while spending weeks to get to you grocery off the vines and trees, that produce is loosing valuable nutrition. So, by the time it gets to your mouth “after you have cooked it” we are lucky to have half the nutrition that you would get it the produce was picked ripe and only off the vine or tree for a few days.  The best thing to do is to buy organic flash frozen fruits and veggies or grow your own. That is the reason I take vitamins, to make up for some of the lost nutrition.

3. Bottled water and tap water. Is it good? I’m sorry, its not.

Tap water is good until it gets to your cup. Its been treated with chlorine and other chemicals and needs to be triple osmosis filtered to remove all contaminants and recalcitrants. Only then is it pure and good for us. Bottled water in plastic bottles contains BPA’s Bis-phenol Alphas, which is shown to be estrogenic in men. Be sure to get a BPA free bottle and filter your water with a triple osmosis filter. We are after all 70% water and we use water for everything. Its so important!!

4. The fake sugars on the market, are they safe? Again, “in my humble opinion” NO!

These fake sugars usually contain excitotoxins, like in aspartame. These excitotoxins are produced by an excess of Aspartic acid and Glutamate and no where in nature are these amino acids found bound together. Especially not with a methyl-ester. I will go into detail on the fake sugars in another blog because this topic deserves my full attention. In short, these fake sugars could add to mental pathology, liver pathologies, leptin blindness and cancer. They also have secondary glycemic affects. The FDA says they are safe, they also say GMO food is safe as well. Please, with stevia and coconut sugar and cane sugar on the market. You can find one of these to sweeten your drinks instead of the fake stuff. Stay away from fake sugars and High Fructose Corn Syrups. Again, I will be writing about this topic in great detail in a coming blog.

5. The meat from our supermarkets and butchers, good for us? “you already know! NO!

The meat we are eating has the same fate as our milk. The hormones and antibiotics all end up in our meat as well. Not to mention the higher levels of sodium, cholesterol, saturated animal fats, hormones, antibiotics and calories. What I am really trying to point out here is that now you have to worry about multiple sources and increased intakes because of this many sources we get all these chemicals and hazardous nutrition from. Again, in my opinion, meat should be consumes only twice a week and from an organic source. An interesting study was done comparing the meat from feed raised cattle to conventional means. The study found that the grass fed cattle’s meat was leaner, had more omega 3, less saturated fat and less sodium. Yes, as you may have figured out, the size of the cow was vastly less so, you would be eating less meat per serving but, that would be healthier anyway and we would all be better off eating the organic grass fed meat. Take the time to find out about organic meat or request it at your butcher.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I promise my next blog will be about the fake sugars. Have a healthy life!!!