Why AMNutrition? The Benefits of natural/organic hemp seed protein powder.

The Benefits of Natural/Organic Hemp Protein Can Boost Your Workout!

AMNUTRITION’s “Basic Trainein” is 50% Natural hemp protein (Organic when available), 30% rBGH free Whey protein and 20% Organic Brown Rice protein powder that can help you achieve your peak physical performance in the most effective, healthy way. Hemp seed protein matrix in “Basic Trainein” helps the body recover from its workout by supplying it with the nutrients it needs to build lean muscle mass, recover and has better nutrition than other products. Amnutrition’s “Basic Trainein” is a natural plant-based muscle recovery formula that is safe to use every day. The combination of these proteins lowers the inflammatory response and can benefit anyone looking for a healthy way to build muscle, replenish the body’s nutrients and recover from the demands of physical training. To call this a protein powder does to do this product justice. It is more like a muscle multi-vitamin. Simply put, when you give your body what it needs to heal and recover “along with proper sleep” you will heal faster with the nutrients found in “Basic Trainein.”

Why Is Hemp Seed Protein Better?

Many people ask “What are hemp protein’s benefits?” or “Why is Natural/Organic hemp protein powder used in this product and not in other muscle protein powders and supplements on the market?” Since hemp seeds are derived from a plant, the body receives nutrition it supposed to have with a perfect Amino acid profile. This means the nutrition is complete and ready to be utilized immediately after your workout. To further increase absorption Bromelain has been added. Hemp, Whey and Rice Protein has no affect on homocystine levels in the body so you can take it for life without the worry of the build up of plaque in the arteries. Hemp contains the good fats (Omega 3, 6) and Phytonutrients rather than the animal fats contained in milk based protein and the chemicals that go with them. When you are talking about overall health, Hemp seed protein is better at delivering more nutrition to the consumer than other proteins.

Hemp Seed Protein + Amino Acids

“Basic Trainein” is a muscle re-builder. Protein is just one part of the puzzle.  You and I take protein to get the amino acids our bodies need. Natural/Organic Hemp protein found in this product helps the body’s recovery system by supplying all 21 amino acids, including the ten essential amino acids your body needs every day to operate normally. Added to enhance muscular recovery, 10.5 grams of Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine and Glutamine are in every scoop to ensure your body is supplied with what it needs to obtain peak healing and recovery. While your body is breaking down the protein for recovery, the BCAA’s added in this product go right to work. There is no waiting involved when you take “Basic Trainein!”

Is Natural/Organic Hemp Protein Effective?

Hemp seed protein is a plant protein, meaning it contains phytonutrients and the good fats (Omega 3,6) and fiber. With the pace of our lives we often fall short on these important nutrients, Basic Trainein supplies what other proteins can not. With the Organic Hemp seed protein contained in this product, you will increase your nutrition while helping to build lean muscle. Natural/Organic Hemp protein powder is a clean and effective way to increase your protein intake and the intake of the nutrients not found in other protein sources. In addition to building lean muscle, Natural/Organic Hemp protein along with rBGH free Whey and Organic Brown Rice powder helps the body increase energy, reduce food cravings, maintain a healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The vitamins and minerals in “Basic Trainein” cover all aspects of nutrition on micro and macro level. So, the answer is yes!! Hemp protein is effective in delivering the extra nutrition your body needs to heal and it is a healthier way to do it. With the added nutrient profile in this product you get the best formula for your money and one of the healthiest products on the market.

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