What makes this product different? Hemp protein.

The benefits of Hemp protein are unique and make this product different. When you consume Hemp protein you are supplying your body with a substance that contains a perfect amino acid profile. This means it delivers all 21 amino acids to the body. Including the all important ten essential amino acids your body needs every day to operate normally. Within Hemp protein the body also gets a perfect ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6, fiber and important phytonutrients. Omega 3 and 6 are essential fatty acids that help the body regulate inflammation and platelet aggregation. Fiber consumption has decreased in the American diet and is important for the cleaning of cholesterol from the body and feeding the cells in the colon known as colonocytes, which improves overall health. Since Hemp is derived from a plant the body is able to extract the nutrition it needs with ease, which means its nutrition is bio-available and ready to be utilized. The Hemp used in this product is organic, allowing for the best nutritional source of Hemp on the market. Hands down, Hemp protein is far superior to milk proteins and healthier. Hemp has no affect on Homocystine levels in the body so you can take it for life without the worry of the build up of plaque in the arteries. Hemp contains the good fats (Omega 3,6) rather than the animal fats contained in milk based proteins and the chemicals that go with it. When looking for a healthy source of protein, that gives the body what it needs and is healthy for you, the answer is Hemp.

Along with Hemp this product contains D-ribose. D-ribose is a special sugar the body uses to feed specific cells. The body uses D-ribose to fight off a condition known as Mitochondrial fatigue derived from over training and improper nutrition. The Mitochondria are the body’s energy makers “the powerhouse of the cell” and an important part of our physiology especially when talking about human performance.

The heart is the most important muscle in the body. So this product contains Co-Q-10, an important enzyme used in cardiac function and is beneficial for people taking Statins for high cholesterol or for any athlete engaged in intense training.

The mind/muscle connection is important to everyone as well. That is why this product contains Phosphatidyl serine. This fatty acid helps the body’s mind/muscle connection and also helps the body keep cortisol levels from getting too high in response to the stress of physical activity. High cortisol levels signal the body to deposit more fat, the body uses Phosphatidyl serine to naturally lower these levels.

Anytime you do anything physical there is stress on the muscles and bones. The body uses Vitamin D and Calcium to maintain bone health and integrity. The body uses Calcium at the neuromuscular junction for flexation and is an important part of any formulation. To go further, biotin has been added to make sure you are giving your bones what they need to keep up with the demand of muscular growth. Some say that there is too much Biotin in this product. Since we are all biochemically different we will all take in slightly different amounts. “BASIC TRAINEIN” allows you to take what you need and discard the rest because Biotin is safe and non toxic in high doses.

The Proteolytic enzyme Bromelain has been incorporated into this product to further aid the body in the breakdown and absorption of protein into its amino acid complements. What good is anything you eat if you can’t absorb it?

The body uses an amino acid L-Glutamine to stimuate more natural HGH “Human Growth Hormone” when ingested in the right amount.

Isoleucine, leucine and Valine are three powerful amino acids the body uses to rebuild muscle tissue and skeletal muscle synthesis. Valine works in conjunction with Leucine and Isoleucine to promote muscular growth, repair muscle tissues, regulate blood sugar and provide energy for your body. Each of these amino acids are provided in optimal doses to ensure you get the benefits from each one. The amino acid profile in this product is the most relevant and that is why the product only contains 18 grams of protein. This product is not protein dependent. Sounds strange but, ask yourself why we take protein? We take protein for the amino acids. Each protein has a different amino acid profile. “Basic Trainein” provides you with targeted amino acids that have been identified as the most useful when healing muscular tissue. Also, if your body can only absorb 20 to 30 grams the most. Why do other companies put in 40 to 50 grams of protein? It’s because you are lucky to get half of that when you absorb those other products. If you do your research you will see the importance of these amino acids and what the body uses them for. New research is telling us that companies are putting too much protein in their shakes and not enough B.C.A.A. This product targets the most important B.C.A.A. and provides you with the right combination of protein to amino acid ratio so your body has what it needs, without any wondering. Your body uses many different vitamins and minerals to heal itself. This product makes sure you are getting those important nutrients and not depleting them like if you were taking other products.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a natural herb that is being used as a sweetener. What are the advantages? Stevia has no Glycemic affect on the body and no side effects. This means that it doesn’t cause your body to release Insulin in response to its consumption. This product serves a dual purpose. Its main purpose is as a post workout shake. With low sugar content you the consumer can regulate the amount of Glycemic response you want from your nutrition by adding a banana or anything you like for sweetening. There is a time and place for sugar. It’s called pancreatic manipulation. You want to induce an insulin response after training to absorb the most nutrition you can during the “Golden Hour” which immediately follows a training session. This product allows you to add sugar when needed and to have a low carbohydrate snack when you are dieting down, or preparing to carb load before an event. So, depending where you are in your training cycle or what you are training for, you have control over the amount of sugar you consume. Unlike other products that contain 30 to 60 grams of sugar per serving, “Basic Trainein” allows for the healthy consumption and regulation of sugar in your system with the added benefit of Chromium Picolinate. As an added health benefit, this product contains no artificial sweeteners. There are too many questions about the artificial sweeteners and your health. So, why take a chance? Let’s keep things as natural as we can.

Where did this product come from?

As a former Marine, Trainer of Marines, avid weightlifter and nutritional researcher I saw what main stream companies were putting in these so called “health/protein shakes”. With all of the fake sugars, ridiculous amounts of regular sugar, cheap whey, total dependence on milk derived proteins, high cholesterol amounts and who knows what else, I decided to do something about it. That’s when I formulated “Basic Trainein”. This is a product you can take for the rest of your life without worry. It gives the body everything it needs to heal and recover from your lifestyle and much more. It takes the place of several vitamins and minerals you would have to buy separately, saving you money. I take this product every day. I made it for anyone who is concerned about what is in our food, including myself. Whether you are in the gym, on a diet, on the track, working hard or in need of a healthy low carb snack, “Basic Trainein” puts the health back into the phrase “Health shake!” Arm yourself with the body’s ammunition, Amnutrition!

16 ounces of Almond milk or Rice milk, Hemp milk.
½ Banana “added after a workout” or favorite fruit.
1 Cup of ice. “crushed ice is best.”
1 scoop of “Basic Trainein”
Blend for 12 seconds

For orders call us at 1 (855) 343-4511 or visit for more details.
Thank you and have a healthy day…

I believe that putting something in your body is a very important action. So, I want you to have the best product available to you that money can buy, at an affordable price.

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