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Amnutrition “Basic Trainein” (Vanilla)


Product Features

  • One 3.2lbs 1,470 gram bottle of muscle healing powder
  • Custom matrix (50% Natural hemp protein (Organic when available), 30% rBGH free, Grass fed Whey, 20% Organic brown rice protein)
  • Promotes efficient metabolic actions, lean muscle growth and enhanced recovery from exercise
  • 10.5 grams of (leucine, Isoleucine, Glutamine and Valine) is supplied per scoop. These are considered to be a few of the most important branch chain amino acids involved in muscular recovery.
  • Natural compounds and blended vitamin complexes that you can not and will not find in any other product
  • A flavor of vanilla that goes with anything you mix your smoothie/shake with
  • An intelligent combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, B.C.A.A's and good fats to give your body the ammunition it needs to recover.
  • This is a B.S. free product. This isn't magic. There is no product that by itself will transform you into what you want to be. Combine this product with discipline, hard work and a proper diet and you will achieve your goal without the worry of chemicals, GMOs, fake sweeteners or flavors. Prepare to arm yourself and join our ranks.

Weight: 3.2 lbs (1,470 grams)


Price: $52.99

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Amnutrition “Fat Burn Assist”

"Fat Burn Assist" is an all natural and organic, thermogenically based fat burning product. It is called "Fat Burn Assist" because there is no magic pill and you have to eat right and exercise for it to work. It also incorporates a detoxification element to further increase its potential and yours.

Ingredients are:

Organic green tea extract, Organic apple cider vinegar extract, Carnitine, cayenne pepper, CLA, Selenium, B-12 and a small amount of Iodine.

No more- jitters, rapid heart rate, anxious feelings, over stimulating your nervous system, mood swings or anything else that is dangerous to you. It does not affect your sleep as well. Take this product with confidence and reach your goals without sacrificing your health.


Price: $25.99

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