Who uses and who can use “Basic Trainein” Protein Shake Powder?

AMNUTRITION is a valuable hemp-based protein powder that can be used by anyone looking to increase their muscle strength and overall health. “Basic Training” is primarily formulated as a post workout shake and a diet shake but, it contains many nutrients that most Americans are missing from our diets today. This product is safe and effective for anyone looking to increase recovery, activity, and most importantly, their health.

Here’s to a healthy life. Supply yourself with the body’s ammunition, AMNUTRITION!

Some Examples Of Who Can Benefit from AMNUTRITION Protein Shake Powder

Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts:

  • Elite Athletes benefit from increased recovery after a tough training session or competition because the nutrition is complete. Your body will spend less time detoxifying and more time working for increased performance.
  • Runners get the vital vitamins and amino acids they need to replenish their cardiac and other muscle cells necessary to avoid over-training and mitochondrial fatigue. Supplying you with everything your body needs.
  • Weight-lifters/Power-Lifters/Body Builders love “Basic Trainein” for the high concentration of its proprietary amino acid formula (used when the body builds new muscle.) Being a plant based formula it puts less stress on the kidneys, All the other products that rely on just protein with little amino acids and tiny amounts of enzyme added are out-dated and obsolete. “Basic Trainein” provides you with the most up-to-date nutrition in accordance with new studies. This is for the big guys that don’t believe a plant protein can do the job. I have one questions. Have you ever seen a small or weak gorilla?

People with Special Medical & Dietary Needs.

* This product is not intended to cure, treat or diagnose. Please consult a physician with your specific dietary needs.

  • Individuals with high blood pressure can use this product because it contains trace amounts of sodium ideal for the low sodium diet.
  • Individuals with diabetes can benefit from the chromium and the low sugar content in our protein shake powder. (Depending on what type of diabetes you have, please consult your doctor on the proper way to use any supplement)
  • Individuals who are deficient in Vitamin D can use this product to enhance their intake of this important nutrient.
  • Adults Taking Statins will benefit from the added Co-Q-10 combination that is lost with the regular use of these medications.

Anyone Looking to Increase Their Overall Nutrient Intake:

  • Dieters can rejoice in this low calorie, low carbohydrate, super shake that will spark the metabolism for optimum fat loss. It also provides enzymes that will help you optimally process and absorb the nutrition provided in this product.
  • Baby-boomers can use take “Basic Trainein” for it’s calcium levels and added protein. “Basic Trainein” contains little lactose with high amounts of bromelain so these clients can reap the benefits without upsetting their stomach.
  • High-schoolers can start out their health experience with a natural and organic supplement that you as a parent don’t have to worry about. Its that clean.

Check out What Some of our Customers are Saying:

“As a guy who monitors his diet meticulously, I have no doubt that this is the best (and healthiest!) bang for your buck on the market right now. Not only does it contain an outstanding amino acid profile, it also includes many essential nutrients you would normally have to take multiple dietary supplements several times a day in order to attain. This is not some generic product line that has been stripped down with junk in order to maximize the profit margin and deprive the consumer. AMNUTRITION is the real deal. If you are like me and like to stay in shape while maintaining good health, then this is definitely the product for you!”

* Individual results will vary.

– Travis Meyer

“I have tried many proteins since I have been lifting weights and working out over 20 years ago. This protein has all the right vitamin and minerals without all the harmful additives to assist anyone in properly losing or gaining weight. It will replenish the body, fuel the body and assist the body to function better overall. I lost the body fat I didn’t need and put on the muscle as I wanted.”

* Individual results will vary.

– Devin Gaines

Finally we have a REAL Protein on the market that has good quality ingredients that will help me to win more Bodybuilding Shows in the Future.

* Individual results will vary.

– Mike Rizzo

I have been looking for a product that could deliver the nutrients needed for women’s health yet in a convenient to use form. I have never been one to follow the food pyramids nor a strict vitamin pill regimen. As an on the go professional I have looked to convenient foods. Due to my busy lifestyle, I often skipped meals due to mission requirements. Most vitamin products on the market caused me gastro-distress so I avoided taking supplements. Since women over 40 have increased vitamin and nutritional needs I looked for a product which could give me the vitamins important for women’s health yet at the same time did not cause me undue discomfort. I have found this important combination in AMNutrition. Additionally the sweetness of this product negates the need to add flavors to a protein shake. I have also added the powder to various recipes with great success. I am very pleased with the results and how I feel after a shake in the morning.

* Individual results will vary.

– Magda Smith

I have tried a few energy/protein mixes and they didn’t have much energy/power punch in them. I started using them to help me spend more time working out, with little to no results I stopped using them. Then one day I came across Amnutrition’s, Basic Trainein. Yes! Just like the name says, it’s loaded. Not only did I find the extra boost I needed to get through my work outs, but with a full time school and work schedule and occasionally skipping a meal or two, I found that I didn’t miss a beat! It kept me feeling full and energized throughout the day. I highly recommend this product. I never leave home without a shake.

* Individual results will vary.

– John M.

Thanks man! I’m pretty damn psyched cause I had stopped using proteins for a while because they were all loaded with crap I didn’t want in them. I feel great after my workouts!

* Individual results will vary.

Ramses  R.D.

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